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Loudons is an independent family-owned brewery in Glendree, Co. Clare, Ireland, producing high quality beers using only natural ingredients with an emphasis on sustainability and environmentally green practices.



Loudons brewery is run by the father and son duo of Paul and Alex Loudon. In 2017 they finished their previous jobs, moved back to their beloved family home in Glendree for the first time in 15 years, and started Loudons Brewing.

Paul Loudon

Co-founder / Head brewer

Paul has over 30 years of experience in engineering and finance and has undertaken post-graduate studies in brewing and distilling. Combined with a lifetime of homebrewing he has developed a love of classic beer styles and brewing techniques which are responsible for the unique flavour profile of Loudons beers. 



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Alex Loudon

Co-founder / Operations Development

Alex recently completed a PhD in chemistry from Trinity College Dublin where he developed a keen interest in brewing science and sustainability. He puts his experience to good use continually improving the operational aspects of Loudons Brewing.


The Beer

Here at Loudons, we believe that simple things done right often yield the best results. Therefore, we only produce two beers, Loudons Original Draught and Loudons Pilsner.

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Loudons Original draught

Loudons Original Draught is a lightly-hopped beer which we believe has something for everyone. It is made with a single hop variety, Cascade, giving it a refreshingly light flavour profile with floral and citrus aromas.  At 4.2% ABV, it's the perfect accompaniment to a long and late evening of music and frivolities.

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Loudons Pilsner

Pilsner-style lagers were traditionally brewed in the Pilsen region of Bohemia and were known for being medium-full bodied beers with a crisp, slightly bitter finish and ours is no exception. By using Saaz hops and fresh rainwater to brew our Pilsner we have created a crisp, clean lager with a malty backbone and a slightly bitter finish.

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Loudons stout is brewed using a combination of roasted and malted barleys producing beautiful roasted coffee and dark chocolate notes. The inclusion of oats in the recipe and subsequent nitro-infusion gives Loudons stout a decadent creamy head and a velvety smoothness which is as memorable as it is satisfying.


In an ongoing commitment to local sustainability we have designed our brewery to fulfill 100% of our water requirements by harvesting the beautiful East Clare rain water from the roof of the brewery. Stored in two 15,000 litre tanks, as long as the rain doesn't stop neither will our beer.



Our beers are made with a combination of pale malted barley, crystal malt and malted wheat. The malted barley comes from Loughran Family Malt at the foot of the Cooley Hills in Co. Louth. Once the grain is spent making our Loudons beers it makes excellent feed for the local cows, who can't get enough of it.


Loudons is currently providing beer to a number of pubs and off-licences listed below, if you have any inquiries regarding sales/PR/information please use the contact information below. Our beer is available on draught and in bottles at the following locations.

Our pubs so far include:

Co. Clare

Bodyke: The Cobbler's Rest

Ennis: Taylor's Bar

Feakle: Pepper's Pub

Ogonnelloe: The Piper's Inn

Quin: Malachy's Bar, The Abbey Tavern, Norrie Henchy's

Scariff: Ryan's Bar, McNamara's Bar, Jacko's Bar

Tuamgraney: Nuala's Bar & Restaurant

Dublin 2: Dunne & Crescenzi, South Frederick St

Dublin 4: Dunne & Crescenzi, Sandymount

Co. Galway

Gort: O'Donnells Bar, The Field Restaurant

Kinvarra: The Merriman Hotel, Connolly’s

Co. Tipperary

Ballina: Borúma Gastro Bar, Goosers Bar & Eating House


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Contact Us

For sales and inquiries please use the contact form below. Alternatively find us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter in the social media links below.

Loudons Brewing

Glendree, Feakle, Co. Clare

Email: info@loudons.ie

Phone: +353874024807 (Paul)

       +353870538764 (Alex)

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